About Us


We are a family run enterprise interested in serving a unique
group of customers with a diverse menu of different offerings
such as 450 North, RAR & Imprint Breweries, Wiley Roots, Great Notion and others. Presently we were established in 2020 and
use some of our excess revenue to fund some charitable
contributions where our customers live, and in our own
communities. We have donated to Animal Shelters, Food
Pantries, some summer programs for kids, and the American
Red Cross for flood relief.

Our philosophy like many other business is that we can’t
control what happens with our supplier, or the Post Office, but
if there is a problem…. we’ll try to make it right because we
look at ourselves more of a customer service company as a
distributer of fine suds.

 We’re grateful for our customers and

those that have supported our enterprise.
We ship from Illinois, and offer pickup services in the California
Bay Area, and you can email us at info@sippinonsours.com
with any questions or comments anytime.
Thanks you for supporting our business!