RaRToons Release

 This Release Features 6 Great Cans!!

1) Careless Bear 6.2% , Strawberry Topped Crepe With A Chocolate Drizzle
*contains crepe batter, cake batter, strawberry purée, swiss chocolate

2) Big Papa 6.2%, Blueberry Peach Mango Oatmeal Açaí Bowl 

*contains açaí, blueberry, peach, mango purées, oatmeal

3) Otismus Prime, 6.2% ,Banana Morning Crunch W/ Peanut Butter & Almonds
*contains pastry cream, banana purée, peanut butter, almonds

4) Here Kitty Kitty  6.2%-  Bourbon Maple Bacon Cupcakes
*contains pastry cream, bourbon concentrate, maple syrup, bacon

5) I Like Turtles  6.2% - Apple Pie Stuffed French Toast
*contains apples, cinnamon, french toast

6) Wowzers 6.2%-Fluffy Raspberry Cinnamon Rolls W/ Icing
*contains pastry dough, cinnamon, brown sugar, vanilla icing 


2/26 Distributor will pick up the order 

2/28 Distributor Packs the Order

2/29-3/2 Distributor Delivers Order

3/3 We will begin fulfilling as many orders as we can and then continuing on to the the next day!

Any Questions!? 

Email [email protected]


We love the new our of order series "Rar Toons" release, and its no secret gets better and better every collection they put. Did you know that RaR actually sells each can Otis (RaR's Macscot and loveable dog) appears on  as NFT'S? how cool is that? Log onto RaR's website and you can find out more..