Slushy Blender - Banana Boat XXL

450 North Brewing Company

Blender - 7
Ships Same day if Ordered before 3:00 C.S.T.

450 North's Slushy Bender Release of Banana Boat XXL – is a sour beer that is a blend of banana, calamansi, orange, peach, and coconut, creating a blend of flavors that's as refreshing as it is exotic.

Each sip introduces your palate to the delightful fusion of banana and peach, zesty calamansi, tangy orange, and the creamy sweetness of coconut. It's like taking a sip of summer in every can!

Whether you're a seasoned beer enthusiast or new to the craft scene, this brew promises a delicious escape into the flavors of banana, calamansi, orange, peach, and coconut.


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